Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vic Mackey-esque

adj. This is the way I do everything, from shooting coworkers in the face to baking cupcakes.

Real citation: Vic Mackey-ish, Vic Mackey-ness.

Real citation: "There's exactly one dancer jittering to 'Kickstart My Heart,' and exactly one dude in attendance, sitting on a folding chair so far from the stage that we have to walk in between them to hit the bathroom. Turns out, Mons (and every other strip club in Tampa) had been violating the 'no dancing within six feet of the patrons' rule for, oh, EVER, and they just happened to decide to enforce it on this particular night, setting up a Vic Mackey-esque raid on every adult establishment in the entire county. The only upside was that the bust went down while we were in transit, so we weren't hauled away like the rest of the pathetic cubicle-dwellers. Still, the night ended at a Hooters with a bad taste in our mouths...and not the good kind of bad, either. Thanks ever so much, Tampa PD. Jackholes."
(Oct. 21, 2008, Deadspin,

Made-up citation: "Is this the temp agency? Please send me the most Vic Mackey-esque nun you got. We are having issues."

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