Friday, March 27, 2009


noun. The kind of shenanigans that probably involve a utility belt and some spandex.

Real citation: "Mamma Mia! continues to make my roommate sing ABBA songs (thanks for that, by the way) as it had a low decline in it's second week. In all the craziness with last week's bat-nannigans, it should be noted that Mamma Mia! has the biggest opening for a musical. (Non-animated, I believe). I don't know, they made up some record last week to make the movie feel better about itself for opening up against Batman."
(July 27, 2008, There's Always Mini-golf,

Made-up citation: "The neighbors have been whining about my bat-nanigans again... But the fight against evil is noisy! And squishy! And so delicious."

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