Friday, March 13, 2009


verb. Roughly equivalent to "de-Jesus-fy," but with more of a God complex involved.

Real citation: "* 'Shopgirl'--very weird, self-absorbed Steve Martin (he wrote and stars) chick flick. No this is not THE Steve Martin as 'The Jerk.' It's the feminized Steve Martin as the Lifetime Network's version of 'EVERY MAN is a jerk.' Overly melodramatic time-waster. Again, weird.
* 'Nine Lives'--horrid; so weird, it's bizarre. Vignettes on 9 PMSed, interconnected women and their lives. Need I say more. Okay, Glenn Close. There, I said more. Do you really need to see a deaf man having sex with his middle-aged first wife at his second wife's funeral?! 'Nuff said. This movie belongs on the Oxygen Channel. Or better yet, the waste bin.
Skip both to save valuable hours of life you will regret having wasted. De-Oprah-fy your movie-going experience."
(Nov. 4, 2005, Debbie Schlussel,

Made-up citation: "What's the quickest way to de-Oprah-fy the bathroom? I tried engaging my bathtub (and everything growing in it) with honest, open communication and an upbeat attitude, but the damn thing is still terrifying, frankly. Sweet merciful Oprah! I don't know what to try next. (Exorcism?)"

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