Saturday, March 21, 2009


noun. A career path I hope to follow, if you replace "domestic terrorist" with "language columnist" and "housewife" with "Playgirl Playdude of the Year".

Real citation: "Jon Opsahl said he doesn't think domestic-terrorist-turned-housewife Sara Jane Olson served nearly enough time for his mother's murder, but he'll be relieved when the saga is over Tuesday."
(March 17, 2009, Eliott C. McLaughlin,,

Made-up citation: "Every girl I date turns out to be a domestic-terrorist-turned-housewife... Where can a fella find a nice nun or nurse these days, besides nunneries and hospitals, where love-loitering is prohibited?"


Anonymous said...

Uhmmm.....where did you get the idea that nuns are nice??

Mark Peters said...

I only date nuns. Hey, everybody's got a type.