Wednesday, March 11, 2009

catastrophic boob tape failure

noun phrase. A hazard of being a model or dentist. Oh, you didn't know dentists used boob tape? Well, sometimes you run out of floss...

Real citation: "Mr. President, I travel with a LeCroix shopping bag full of Blackberries and cell phones for the express purpose of beaning cheeky ass-hats between the eyes. Let's get back to the interview. Imagine for a moment you're being wedged into a Vivian Westwood hobble skirt and just before it's your turn to slink down the runway you experience catastrophic boob tape failure."
(Jan. 7, 2008, Can O' Whup-Ass,

Made-up citation: "I will support any charity dedicated to wiping out catastrophic boob tape failure. Any ol' humanitarian can oppose AIDS and cancer, but it takes a special humanitarian to reach out to cleavage and give that cleavage some fresh, powerful, double-sided tape."

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