Saturday, March 14, 2009


noun. A ghost oil salesman. Boooooooooooo!

Real citation: "I'm with you on the other things you mentioned, and having read Randi's Flim-Flam I have a pretty good idea how to test dowsers and such.
But how do you test a medium?
I don't mean exposing phoney-baloney ectoplasm mongers, I mean how can one confirm whether someone is talking to the dead?
It doesn't seem possible.
Has Randi ever tested such a claim? If so, how?"
(April 22, 2004, JREF Forum,

Made-up citation: "In addition to saving fires and fighting orphans, I'm an ectoplasm-monger for the state of Illinois. Let me tell you, if you think Blago is corrupt, you should meet some of these apparitions!"

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