Tuesday, March 03, 2009


adj. Groo-flipping-flopping-vy.

Real citation: "ahaha that is un flipping flapping real! those kids got talent. im actually so happy that u shared that with me.
the start- love a birra asian
the middle- new chris brown in the making
the end- heartfelt as you dont want it to be over"
(Clare Pender, http://de.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=72273068)

Made-up citation: "You know what I find un-flipping-flapping-real? Women who have six visible straps. It's a mathematical puzzle. Some straps I understand: two go down to the bra, two come up from the shirt. What are the other two straps connected to? Ovary harness? It seems awkward to ask."

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