Sunday, March 22, 2009


adj. Not the way I want my pants or plates to be.

Related terms: poo-ridden, poop-ridden, poopoo-ridden.

Real citation: "I plunked him in the tub fully dressed and wrenched the hot and cold faucets around to their limits until water belched its way out at high velocity. As the water jetted into the tub and as Cougar endeavored to drown our bathroom by sticking his finger beneath the faucet and spraying the walls, myself included, I proceeded to peel off the poopy-ridden onesie that was now beginning to smell like my little brown and squishy 'cracker'."
(July 25, 2008, Clint and Lissy Bell,

Made-up citation: "What is this poopy-ridden poppycock? I prefer titillating twaddle. That's just how I was raised."

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