Wednesday, March 04, 2009


noun. An essential component of dweebs, along with Lisa Simpson's discovery, the chemical Poindextrose.

Real citation: "Waldron should patent himself as a perpetual motion machine, for behold: he attracts infinite amounts of energy regardless of what amoebic pertinence his posts are made of. Soon enough the end of the world will come, for as Ghistradamus prophesized, the end is nigh, indeed!: the amount of sound advice poured into Waldron's pinsized head will exceed its schwarzchild radius and implode itself in a spacetime dweebularity like the house in Poltergeist."
(June 24, 2008, Aces High II Bulletin Board,

Made-up citation: "Does it give away my dweebularity if I admit to spending the afternoon of my birthday with cupcakes and a comic book? I'm finally seeing what this Watchmen monkey-doodle is all about. I like the blue dude who killed Vietnam. By my next birthday, I'd like to be a blue dude like that. I think I'll destroy Florida."

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