Monday, March 16, 2009


noun. The perfect word when the buttmunches in your life have taken it up (or down) a notch.

Real citation: "HAH! YOU LOOOOOOOSE!!!! tara is trying to say what i am typing before i actually type it, and i must go insult her, by calling her a.......a....(not a butt, as she just said)...a.....SPATULA!!! HAH! SHE DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!fine, since marinna said that spatualas are cool, i will call her a pair of TONGS!!!! THERE I SAID IT
in conclusion, vivian is a very big, enormous, gargantuan, huge, not liliputian,collosal, biggie size, GIRLY BUTTMUNCH WAD!!!!!"
(July 6, 2005, Live From Procrastination HQ,

Made-up citation: "My peers call me buttmunch-wad, but they can't get me down... In my heart of hearts, and on my popular blog, I am known as Professor Buttmunch, esquire."

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Claire said...

what a lovely usage of the word.