Wednesday, January 02, 2008


noun. An expert—most likely a tweed-tastic academic with a box of wine and teacher’s assistant under the desk—in a not-so-respectable field.

Real citation: “32 college kids are murdered (the killer is not worthy of including in the count) and the first thing heard on the breaking news is about how the University didn’t protect the kids. One hysterical buffoonologist after another using their so-called expertise to castigate the University Administration and the University Police for not protecting the kids. This without the benefit of ANY facts about the case - only bits and pieces of broken-down word of mouth.”
(April 17, 2007, To Be Right!,

Made-up citation: “At this crucial juncture of my life, I’ve limited my career options to buffoon, buffoonologist, and pope. All are tempting, though the prices in the Vatican Starbucks may narrow the field.”

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