Wednesday, February 04, 2009


noun. A close relative of the scumbucketface.

Real citation: "So I just got off the phone with Mrs. Crowe, who... I miss... SOOO MUCH, and she called to give me a hard time about the fact she was supposed to be called by a bunch of girls Friday night but wasn't (looong story) and I completely feel like a scum-bucket-head!!! Not just for that, but also becuase I haven't spoken to her for the past 3 days!!! Am I awful, or what?! =O I KNOW! That aside, the two of them are doing well in their new appartment in Minnesota, yay, and I'm hoping Mrs. Crowe will start her own Blogger while she's there, only... she doesn't have inernet... LOL."
(July 21, 2008, The Randomness of Me,

Made-up citation: "Inside every scum-bucket-head is a scum-rainbow-head, according to my life coach."

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