Tuesday, February 17, 2009

false prophety

adj. Offensive to the will of God, the ethics of journalism, and the edicts of kindergarten teachers everywhere.

Real citation: "Now, stop yelling at your computer screen, don't give me that Angel didn't do an evil deed bullshnit. He did what we seem to do every election year, chose between two evils. On one hand you have perfect happiness, utopia, with the down sides of possibly being eaten by your savior and losing free will, on the other you have chaos, people going back to hating their lives and feeling empty and unfufilled, but oh yeah they get to choose that, and they may still be eaten by a beastie but just not a false prophety one."
(May 1, 2003, PeterDavid.net, http://www.malibulist.com/mt/mt-commentsantispam.cgi?entry_id=1081)

Made-up citation: "I sometimes come across a little false prophety, but I really think that rain of toads is coming today. My apocalypse sense is tingling."

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