Wednesday, February 25, 2009


noun. A quality found in many human beings and a few well-trained aardvarks.

Real citation: "I had a very similar relationship with my grandfather, except the cheating on my grandmother, favoritism among children, abuse, and general poor-human-being-itude was confirmed and factual. When he died, I told my mom (his daughter in law) that I didn't feel very badly about it, because I'd always found him to be creepy. So had she. Throughout his life, I was respectful and polite to him, and that's the end of anyone's real obligation to someone with whom you spend two days a year."
(Nov. 21, 2006, Ask Metefilter,

Made-up citation: "Is it an example of poor-human-being-itude if I hire orphans to work in coal mines made of nuclear waste, while forbidding puppies and mirth among my minions? Pish-posh! Some of those orphans are real assholes."

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This is very interesting, Mark. So this is how spend your "free" time.
Jim Meredith