Monday, February 09, 2009

Elmer Fuddistic

adj. If your white whale is a wascally wabbit, this could apply to you.

"I see we're already getting expatriates from Da Bear's Forum reappearing back here on DR. Does
that mean that we'll go back to getting endless threads about: 1) How Jews cause all world
badness, 2) What caliber rifle we should have for Mad Max World, 3) The Fibonacci numbers
of the gold chart, 4) Why 'statists' should all be shot, 5) Why education is 'worthless', and other Elmer Fuddistic doo-doo? "

(Oct. 5, 2008, The Daily Reckoning,

Made-up citation: "Of all the handsome crimefighters in the tri-state area, I am, regretfully, the most Elmer Fuddistic. It's because I keep shooting innocents--instead of evildoers and dastardly ducks--in the face."

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