Thursday, February 12, 2009


verb. It must be done, sometimes by a scooping technician.

Real citation: "It's not MY poo (I feel compelled to share) but it stinks very much, despite the soap and scrubbing I did the moment I discovered the smear on my thigh. You would think, perhaps, "Hey Dani? You work from home. Go downstairs to the laundry and get a new pair of jeans to put on, then you won't stink." And of course, nobody would argue that that makes the MOST sense....however, here I sit blogging about poo rather than de-pooifying myself."
(Dec. 3, 2008, Dani and the Naked Truth,

Made-up citation: "I'm tired of your whining and de-pooifying! I don't think you respect the boom-booms I make."

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