Monday, February 23, 2009


noun. Deballification.

Real citation: "Cooper got a 'nad-ectomy' last week. It was necessary, not only because we are responsible pet owners and there are more than enough pups running around already that need homes, but because the dog was hell bent on inappropriate sexual behavior. One day Dear Son was sitting on the floor minding his own business and I caught the dog hunched over him from the back having such intense pelvic seizures that I'm surprised he didn't throw his doggy spine out of joint. I was horrified, and I couldn't get the dog to put his stuff away quick enough. That was the last straw. The nad-ectomy was still ten days away, and I was heading for the scissors because I couldn't deal with it any longer. Fortunately I cooled down before I followed through."
(Jan. 18, 2009, Mamma's Gone Mad!,

Made-up citation: "Today, on a very special episode of Sesame Street, Elmo is getting a nad-ectomy, because that insufferable little muppet must not be allowed to breed."

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aworkinprogress said...

This one I'm taking to work! :-)