Friday, February 20, 2009

sub-atomic wedgie

noun. A painful maneuver that can make even the micro-butted feel like a fat-ass.

Real citation: "It's ironic really, since it's believed that Baakar and Drolos were once agents of the Synod. Their gruesome sub-atomic wedgie spree crisscrossed the galaxies with no end in sight. Of course, they are not really on trial for those abominable acts but rather for the crimes of leaving Synod Books in the chamber pots of comfort stations along the way. Suffice it to say, the water was not pristine."
(July 31, 2007, John Cox Art,

Made-up citation: "I went into particle physics so I could learn the secrets of the sub-atomic wedgie and the dreaded nano-noogie. Now I will bring this precious knowledge back to my people, who I shall then torture mercilessly."

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