Wednesday, March 12, 2008


noun. A nice word for a fine mess used by mothersomethingers.

Related terms: clusterboink, clusterbop, clustercoitus, clusterduck, clusterfiretruck, clusterfornicate, clusterfrack, clusterfreak, clusterfrell, clusterfrick, clusterfrig, clusterfrog, clusterfug, clusterhump, clusterplook, clusterpork, clusterschmuck, clustersmurf.

Real citation: “That same big weather clustersomething also postponed Winston-Salem's game, and suspended Kannapolis' game tied at 2 in the fourth inning. Birmingham had the day off."
(April 15, 2007, Sox Machine,

Made-up citation: “How will the Democratic clustersomething end? And will it become a catastrosomething?"

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