Wednesday, March 26, 2008


noun. Some brushes with fame involve a protein spill and a toilet brush.

Related terms: celebubot, celebubrat, celebucaust, celebu-chef, celebudrunk, celebudude, celebu-ex-con, celebufreak, celebu-gasmic, celebu-idiot, celebu-mediawhore, celebupod, celebu-rexic, celebuspawn, celebu-shambles, celebutard, celebutart, celebutot, celebuturd, celebutwin, celebuwhatever, celebu-wraith, golden celebutwit triumverate.

Real citation: “Interesting piece by Chuck Klosterman in this month's Esquire on “Four Ways to Save Sports Media.” In it, he compares the way the mainstream media has completely choked on its own celebu-vomit to the way sports media is heading down the same personality-driven path.”
(Jay Busbee, Oct. 8, 2007, Atlanta Magazine,

Made-up citation: “Don’t disrespect celebu-vomit just because it’s more famous, gorgeous, and swanky than civilian vomit. This is America, where all vomit is equal in the eyes of the janitor.”

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