Sunday, March 23, 2008


noun. Next to this, balderdash is forthright, honest, and welcome on your mother’s nice carpets.

Related terms: baldercrap, drivel-poop, blithery-poop.

Real citation: “So then why was Caws so sour after the show? ‘Baldershit,’ he said to me afterwards. ‘Wuz a doggone pissaround. S'not what the songs should be. Mere compromised art tossed to familiar ears, our eyes on the watch while some rip-knees burn cloves outside waitin for the loud boys.’
(Oct. 24, 2006, Rarebit Radiogram,

Made-up citation: “The relentless baldershit of the Earthly campaign season makes me yearn for my homeworld, where leaders are chosen by a steel-cage tentacle tango, just as our forecritters intended.”

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