Wednesday, June 13, 2007


noun. A woman. Ewwwwww!

Real citation: Oppression is not so much something we 'qualify' for as it is the unfair system of allocation of power within which we all live, and my questions were intended to illustrate your position within them. Though it is, as you note, very important to eschew the ‘I’m more oppressed than you are’ game, it’s still very valuable to recognize the many areas in which we hwp (hetero white people - a new club that I, as a non-penis-possessor, can be a part of) enjoy unearned privilege, because it gives us the broadest possible perspective from which to understand other people’s positions.
(Michelle Marie, April 16, 2007,

Made-up citation: "Watch my new documentary: Men are from Batshitistan; non-penis-possessors are from Lower Buttmunchistan. It's an illuminating look at men, women, and what it means to be complete."

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Thanks for the link and for making me laugh a bit :)