Friday, June 08, 2007


noun. An unevolved savage--with womanly charms and a club. Probably lacking lip gloss.

Real citation: “Whats going to happen to all of those nervous little dogs when theyre no longer cool? They're going to go to some twitchy little dog jail where theyre going to have caffeine withdrawals and suffer terribly from the cold. The yipping will be deafening, but at least they won't have to wear those humiliating outfits and get splashed by an overturned Starbucks when a neanderchick wearing espadrilles tries to drive the SUV and talk on the phone.”
(Candie Kelty, Sept. 6, 2006, Candieland,

Made-up citation: "Neanderchicks vs. Nuns: The Reckoning is the feel-yourself movie of the summer."

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