Wednesday, June 27, 2007


adj. Mmm....spongeworthy beyond Elaine's wildest sexual harassment suits.

Real citation: “This is one repugnant human being. It's like he is a walking caractature of everything conservatives want to believe liberals are. It's like he sprung fully-formed from one of Bill O'Reilly's loofah-gasmic fever dreams.”
(Teresa Lhotka, May 15, 2006, “Loofah-gasmic. It's not a word, but it SHOULD be,” Anomalous Data,,guid,f4312576-6288-4ba9-8266-692529e54b3c.aspx)

Made-up citation: "Lipstick lesbians and latte liberals lounge in lowdown loofah-gasmic luxury, local librarians lament."

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