Friday, June 22, 2007


noun. 1) Breast milk. 2) Breastamaphone.

Real citation: “Through some hard-to-trace collaboration between mother, son, father, and Homer Simpson — coiner of ‘saxamaphone’ — ‘booba’ grew into ‘boobamaphone.’ Of the Simpsons influence, Francis says, ‘In one part of the episode, 'saxamaphone' is actually said to Beethoven's Fifth, which is how we often say 'boobamaphone.' Granted, we also say it as a race car announcer might, while our nurslings are held by my husband and revving up (complete with car sound effects) for the nursing race.’"

Made-up citation: "Good things that start with B: bacon, Battlestar Galactica, basketball, bubble tea, Bisquick, Boston, boobamaphones, Beelzebub."

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