Wednesday, June 27, 2007


noun. A poser with feminine wiles, not yet capable of making a grown man pee his panties, romantically or otherwise.

Related term: despotette-in-training.

Real citation: “As the local creative genius extraordinaire and Despotette-Wannabe, being a bit flaky just comes with the territory. In her free time, Laura lives amongst the Dutch, plays in mud puddles, pines for the Stateside love-of-her-life, eats a lot of waffles, and plot-plots evil things for the club.”
(2004, Dawnsisters Weyr,

Made-up citation: "A despotette-wannabe in the dungeon is worth three proctologistettes in the parlor."


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm famous! And as an update, my striving toward tyranny in the form of Despotettism has yet to reach fruition. I'm simply too nice. Maybe I need a new goal.

Anonymous said...

Personally knows said Despotette-Wannabe and your comparison to proctologistettes is apt.