Tuesday, June 26, 2007


noun. Adorable, hoppy adventures, probably down a trail.

Real citation: “Buffy & Spike's Bunnycapades have some unforeseen circumstances.”
(“Other People's Whacked-Out Fic,” http://www.sabershadowkat.com/opwof/opwof.html)

Made-up citation: "I enjoy telling my mother about my bunnycapades, but I conveniently leave out my ratcapades and sleazecapades. Wait, are bunnycapades sleazecapades? Oh, the humanity."

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I just commented on your entry on nonfembot, and I'm wondering about this one, too! I'm going to need an alias for blog comments here or something. A lot of fanficcers talk about "plot bunnies"--are bunnycapades the antics of characters in the throes of some fangirl's plot bunny?

Now you will think I'm a nudnik. Maybe I won't come up with an alias just yet.