Thursday, June 14, 2007

metric crudload

noun. An ungodly, immeasurable--and ishy--amount.

Related terms: metric buttload, metric assload, metric arseload, metric heinie-load, metric bootyload, metric poop-load, metric poo-load, metric shitload, metric crapload, metric turdload, metric fuckload, metric boatload, metric truckload, metric smurfload, metric dickload, metric cockload, metric pantload, metric pantsload, metric jesus-load, metric monkeyload.

Real citation: "I've got more great links to some other hilarious Transformers gen1 vids as well, but the language in them is pretty harsh. I'll post 'em if no one minds, just be aware that if I do, there's gonna be a metric crudload of cursing."

Made-up citation: "In grammar school, we called two kids Crud and Steam-umm, for which I have a metric crudload of regrets."

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