Tuesday, June 19, 2007

cluster molestation

noun. A clusterfuck that's more disturbing than usual.

Real citation: “Koth himself was the only character who got an action, and he apparently doesn't have a Concentration skill, so the cluster molestation he was in by the time his action came around caused him to fail to cast a lightning bolt. We actually took 0 damage in the whole place.”
(FrankTrollman, March 29, 2006, The Gaming Den, http://bb.bbboy.net/thegamingden-viewthread?forum=1&thread=643&postnum=0)

Made-up citation: "Living by the lake is groovy, except on the weekend when the lakefront becomes a cluster molestation of garbage, children, parental units, speeding bikers, hot dogs, and dog crap. Then again, there are frolicking armies of half-naked women, so I guess it evens out."

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