Sunday, June 03, 2007


present participle. Bippy-embiggening.

Related terms: de-fatifying, re-fatifying.

Real citation: "I'm all about having a girlfriend tell me what to do, as in: Take those ass-fatifying pants off immediately and put the good ass jeans back on even if they do have yogurt spilled down the front! and Forget diapers already! Just buy the effing shoes., and of course, Go ahead and mack with the hot Brazilian guy who bought you drinks at the bar. You're not getting married for four whole days, sister! (Kidding, kidding)."
(Jessica Ashley, May 16, 2007, Strollerderby,

Made-up citation: "I loooooooove almond butter, but I fear it's ass-fatifying me out of my pants."


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm famous. No really, I feel like I've arrived. And I am so grateful that a degree in journalism and years of writing will render my legacy "ass-fatifying." Life is good.

Loving your blog, my friend.

Schedule5 said...

My favourite word on this blog so far! It's an everyday useful adjective, and a great blame shifter... "I don't need to exercise, it's just these ass-fatifying pants that have to go".