Thursday, May 05, 2005

testosterone-tainted tootsie

noun. Male toe.

Real citation: “Those who kept her holy shrines, her misandrous priestesses and simpering priestlets, were bound by Diana's oath to stay chaste and live pure until death. One or two accomplished that dubious goal. The Roman poet Horace suggests that Diana loathed the very sight of men and forbade them on pain of death from ever setting one testosterone-tainted tootsie inside her temples.)
(Bill Casselman, “Diana Krall: The Meaning of Her Names,” The Vocabula Review,

Made-up citation: "If all the women in the world rounded up all the men and ground us into hamburger--from our pointy heads down to our testosterone-tainted tootsies--I couldn't really blame them. It would suck though; I don't even like hamburger."

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