Friday, May 20, 2005

leather-pants-fashion-do category

noun. The half of humanity--a very small half, I might add--for whom wearing leather pants is advisable.

Related terms: leather-pants-fashion-don't category.

Real citation: "A lot of people backstage at the Hole/Marilyn Manson show were wearing leather pants. I don't have anything against leather pants per se; on the right guy, leather pants give me the vapors. But leather pants are difficult to pull off, which makes them a fashion-don't for most people. And most people backstage at KeyArena definitely fell into the leather-pants-fashion-don't category.
When she ran onstage, Courtney Love was wearing leather pants. Courtney, of course, falls into the leather-pants-fashion-do category, by virtue of her celeb status."
(Dan Savage, "Hell for Leather!," April 1, 1999, The Stranger,

Made-up citation: "I've never really been in the leather-pants-fashion-do category; I'm more of an all-purpose-fashion-yikes kind of guy."

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