Wednesday, May 11, 2005


adj. Bee-fucking-eefy.

Real citation: "On Thursday I was at a political fundraiser for beef. It was a dinner, and I was slightly peeved because having known about this assignment only 2 days prior, I had made plans for the night. These PLANS, though not all that important, had to be scrapped, thank-you very much agriculture minister and deputy premier. It’s all your fault. I arrived late because I was waiting on the river for some canoers from Washington to show up so I could take their picture. It was a pleasant wait, so I wasn’t all that concerned or annoyed when they came about 30 minutes later than they had told me. I suppose it isn’t their fault the river was slow anyway. I got to the dinner just in time to eat some beef, take a few pics and listen to a speech about beef. The evening was beeftacular."
(May 28, 2004, Twitch!,

Made-up citation: "Neither my diet nor my physique has ever been described as beeftacular."

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