Tuesday, May 17, 2005


adj. A more disturbing and delicious version of "sexy."

Related terms: molest-worthy, molesteriffic.

Real citation: "eh . . well here goes. . . did it hurt? you know. . when you fell from heaven? bah. . those never work and i have to laugh in people faces but just once i thought id use one. . . so ill just go ahead and say that you are utterly molestolicious"
(rabid-monkey, April 2, 2002, http://www.ratemyface.com/profile.cfm?online_name=realamericanpunk&mode=all)

Made-up citation: "At my Catholic grammar school, one priest was nicknamed 'Father Fingers'--for talking with his hands a lot. I have no reason to believe he thought young lads like myself looked yummy and molestolicious."

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