Wednesday, May 04, 2005


noun. An all-encompassing apathetic philosophy.

Related terms: anarcho-whateverism, anti-whateverism, believe-whateverism, benign whateverism, compassionate whateverism, creeping whateverism, eco-friendly whateverism, existential whateverism, feelgood whateverism, homo-whateverism, multi-whateverism, neo-new-agey whateverism, neo-whateverism, postmodern whateverism, post-whateverism, pro-whateverism, tran-whateverism, tribal whateverism.

Real citation: "Often this is a bad reasoning on an illustration in the scriptures about a camel and a needle and the statement "to God all things are possible". People taking the Bible literally, especially on illustrations, parables and hyperboles, and creating terms like omni-whateverism is a constant source of conflicts."
(Insyght, Feb. 18, 2005,

Made-up citation: "Does 'omni-whateverism' include ‘meh’ feelings about God? How 'bout leprechauns?"

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