Friday, May 06, 2005


adj. In a nut? Bad. Bad enough to cause innocent civilians to say "gah!"

Related terms: ack-worthy, aha-worthy, ahem-worthy, argh-worthy, blah-worthy, bleah-worthy, doh-worthy, duh-worthy, ew-worthy, gak-worthy, ha-ha-worthy, heh-worthy, ick-worthy, meh-worthy, meow-worthy, mmm-worthy, ouch-worthy, sigh-worthy, squee-worthy, squick-worthy, tee-hee-worthy, whee-worthy, whoa-worthy, woof-worthy, yawn-worthy, yikes-worthy, yum-worthy, zzz-worthy.

Real citation: "They're selling the dice for fifty cents each? Gah. Of course, selling Captains for five bucks is even more gah-worthy."
(Dvandom, Oct. 10, 2004,

Made-up citation: "If a gah-worthy grandma gargled guacamole, how much guacamole could a gah-worthy grandma gargle?"

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