Monday, May 23, 2005

Darth Dubyous

noun. The Dark President of the Sith: George W. Bush.

Real citation: "It's also, surprisingly, when Lucas' anti-fascist politics come into focus: when the senate rises to cheer the new order of the first galactic empire, and Padme realizes that she and everyone else have aided in the dismantling of a democracy by ceding more and more power, in the name of security, to an unscrupulous dictator. (An old '60s guy, Lucas takes a palpable swipe at our own Darth Dubyous.)"
(David Edelstein, "The Passion of the Sith," Slate,

Made-up citation: "At this point, what foul deed could Darth Dubyous do that would actually get serious attention from the press? Eat a baby? Direct his daughters in a porno? Gah."

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Anonymous said...

You got the spelling wrong... it's Darth Dubyous, Dork Lord of the Shit.