Thursday, May 26, 2005


adj. Kind of asshatted.

Related terms: assish, bad-assish, dumb-assish, fat-assish, half-assish, hard-assish, jack-assish, kick-assish, kick-in-the-assish, kiss-assish, lard-assish, non-assish, pain-in-the-assish, pompous-assish, smart-assish, suck-assish, wise-assish.

Real citation: "And ignoring the 70-year record of communism in action, as well as its collective achievement in leaving a good part of the world to dig out of the economic and environmental ruin it left behind, is pretty head-up-your-assish."
(Grinch, March 21, 1998,

Made-up citation: “In a world gone buttmunchy, only the head-up-your-assish man is truly analicious.”

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