Wednesday, April 08, 2009


noun. A fella like this fella: Gov. Blago-whatsit.

Real citation: "In addition to those state-by-state member numbers, the PPA put out a press release this week announcing its new state directors. Good to see poker players getting more involved in grassroots activity as the politi-dudes looking out for us in Washington DC continue to develop into a real Beltway force. However, there’s one state where the director curiously isn’t named — and that’s Texas."
(March 18, 2009, Pokerati,

Made-up citation: "I thought about becoming a politi-dude, but I'm not sure my program of high taxes, Godless heathenism, and mandatory gay marriage is viable... What if I promise to put stem cells in every smoothie? Would that help?"

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