Thursday, April 02, 2009


noun. Don't cry over spilled beer? I'm weeping and barfing just thinking about it...

Real citation: "But Baby Mamma backed into The Waiter and he was carrying a tray full of freshly drawn beers. Fortunately he was quick on his feet and avoiced a beer-tastrophe, but his smile was little more than a transparent look of frustration. A look that the entire restaurant would soon take on because every 10 minutes there was a Darling baby fly-by and even though Darling Baby was darling and drooly and dimple-y, Baby Daddy and Baby Mamma didn't have the good sense to sit down and eat like normal people."
(March 27, 2008, Diary of the Food Whore,

Made-up citation: "I live in fear of beer-tastrophes, which is why I drink all my beer out of a sippy cup. The binkie is for moral support."

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