Thursday, April 30, 2009


noun. Sounds crapfestacular.

Real citation: "if you love the writers, maybe there's something more here to get off on. if, like me, you could care less and just want a scary movie, or at least a 'meaningful' movie that actually makes some semblence of sense, ditch this self-involved bullshiit and hope for a new 'candyman III' calibre of crapfestitude to assault your eyes and brain. at least it would be fun even if it was no more scary than the brilliantly titled 'house' (hell, i thought it would be a remake of the awesome horror-comedy of the 80's with william katt. indeed, if you've never seen 'house' with katt in it, watch it instead. come to think of it, that one had katt's character separated from his wife because their son disappeared and was presumed dead, rather like the couple on the rocks. geez, maybe it is a remake of sorts. or slightly ripped-off? who knows? who cares?)."
(Nov. 7, 2008, Rotten Tomatoes,

Made-up citation: "My dog thinks it is pure crapfestitude that I am writing and not paying attention to him... But daddy's got to write to pay the bills: organ-harvesting and self-whoring only go so far in this economy."

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