Friday, April 17, 2009


noun. Somewhat more sophisticated that a henchape, I reckon.

Real citation: "3. I have zero sympathy for Kendra, and I sincerely hope she is not the final Cylon.
4. If she is then hopefully Tigh will get his hench-cylon Larry to wack her in the head with a pipe."
(Nov. 25, 2007, GWC Forum,

Made-up citation: "Sir, the hench-Cylons are attacking the hench-commissioners! It's a lackey showdown, a minion smackdown, a stooge cage match... Thank Zeus I'm not a hench-anything. As Assistant to the Regional Manager of Hench-people and Were-things, I can take pride in a job well-titled, plus access to all the paper clips and Viking helmets I need."

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