Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gov. Blagowhatsit

noun. The Governor of my state! My state! Could I be prouder? Could I be more entertained? What do you think?

Related terms: Blago-something, Blago-whatever.

Real citation: "The son of famous civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, reportedly offered (through one of his flunkies) $1milllon for Barack Obama’s vacated senate seat. Gov. Blagowhatsit was right, that’s a f***in’ valuable thing. I wonder if he got a free Obama plate and coin too."
(Dec. 10, 2008, South DaCola,

Made-up citation: "Dear Gov. Blagowhatsit, I am a fourth grade student in Chicago. I just sold today's homework on the school bus for 10 bucks. When I grow up I'm going to buy the school bus and do bad things with it. We love you very much!"

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