Wednesday, April 08, 2009


noun. Shinier and sturdier than a meatbag, though no less chock full o' scum.

Real citation: "What kind of Al Gore-loving Hollywood pinko ever approved this fucking piece of Marxist trash? To start with, why, just look at the titular robot. See those sad, sagging camera-eyes and rusted metal frame? He's filthier than the emo-loving guitarist scumbag that my daughter took to Exeter's prom. In fact, Wall-E himself is a trash bot! That's right, that little robo-scumbag probably turned to a career in trash collection when he, too, couldn't get into Robot Harvard, and neither Wall-E nor my daughter's emo fag can ever expect anything good in life now."
(July 30, 2008, Capitalist Movie Reviews,

Made-up citation: "You, my chrome friend, are a robo-scumbag! And as your friend, that doesn't say much for me."

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