Friday, July 22, 2005


noun. An unfolding scandal that involves no literal shits, flowers, or shitty flowers at all.

Real citation: "If your local media hasn’t been reporting on traitor-gate or whatever we’re calling this (turd-blossom-gate?), or has been unfairly slanting this in favor of the Republicans, I’ve got another action item for you:"
(Newsie, "Get them on the record! What do Republicans think of Rove-gate?," July 13, 2005, Penndit,

Made-up citation: "So far, Turd-Blossom-gate has not inspired as many limericks as Monicagate, much to the chagrin of literature students everywhere."

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JoshSN said...

I was listening to Duffy's Tavern (search for OTR on, airs around 7:30PM each night) "Where the elite meet to eat."

I missed it, but one of the characters said

"Well.... and call me Sunday."

Pretty lame without the first half, but you like that sort of thing.

The old radio shows have three syllabels for diaper and protein. And Los Angeles is pronounced like it has the word "angle" in it.