Wednesday, July 27, 2005


adj. This describes a yum-yum that tastes like the poo-poo of a bow-wow.

Real citation: "It took us a half hour - I shit you not - to get this dog out of the backseat. He was nice, never growled or barked, but he was also stubborn ("I shall not be moved!"). He was just, I guess, happy sitting there in the back of our Buick. Eventually he just got bored and left. My mom and I got back in the car and pondered the destruction of so many innocent cupcakes. Really, she pondered. I just worried what the hell all the kids were going to think of me and my crushed dog-ass flavored cupcakes. I mean, how ghetto is that? We saved the vast majority and it didn't hurt that my mom had made extras. The ones that were superficially destroyed? My carpool buddies volunteered to take those."
(Chris, "Cupcakes!" April 27, 2004,

Made-up citation: "Dog-ass-flavored is in the cake-hole of the beholder."

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