Friday, July 22, 2005

get all Catholic

verb phrase. Become decidedly molestolicious in a "hide the young boys! quick!" kinda way.

Real citation: "Despite rumors to the contrary, the film avoided an R rating without going under the knife. 'Somehow or another we got our PG-13,' says Linklater. 'I feel we got lucky there. They worry about kids with anything—kids touching alcohol or referring to genitalia. On some of the stuff, I shot alternatives. Like when the one kid says, 'I'm going to tell someone you touched my pecker,' in another shot we had him say, 'I'm going to tell 'em you got all Catholic on my privates.'"
(John Anderson, "Thornton Wilde" July 19, 2005, The Village Voice,,fanderson,65998,20.html)

Made-up citation: "In an age when a metric truckload of priestly persons have been busted for going all Catholic on the cornholes of kids, only the Catholic faith and my bucket of grain alcohol get me through the night."

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Katie said...

Related: (sort of) the Christian hookup. as in, not going all the way.

Made-up citation: "He was too hot for the Christian hookup."