Friday, July 22, 2005


noun. A heady, dorky form of dumbassitude.

Related terms: assheadedness, buttheadedness, crapheadedness, dickheadedness, dumbheadedness, fuckheadedness, lightheadedness, lunkheadedness, meatheadedness, pinheadedness, poopheadedness, prickheadedness, shitheadedness, shrunken-headedness.

Real citation: "It ended with the three ships. (Interesting how they didn’t show the 1701-E, perhaps because the design wasn’t really beloved; it owes too much to the Voyager-class shoehorn look, and the notch on the nacelles looks distinctly unFederation-like. And yes, I just crossed over into the land of unredeemable dorkheadedness, but I’m past caring.)"

Made-up citation: "Where there is dorkheadedness, there is hope. Or more likely, schmucks."

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