Tuesday, July 26, 2005

tingly areas

noun. The groin; the loins; the crotch; the nether regions; the special place.

Related terms: tingly parts.

Real citation: "However, because of this brittleness and humorlessness and other nesses, they are also fun to tease. One of my favorites, after someone has gone on and on about chess, then looks to me for approval that, yes, they do play chess and that gets me all sweaty in the tingly areas as well as ashamed to show my face in their glorious presence, is to say, 'I know how the horsey moves.'"
(July 19, 2004, http://www.farmaccidentdigest.com/digest/03009.php)

Made-up citation: “As the Bible said, ‘Gird up thy tingly areas, and take my staff in thy hand, and go thy way. A firm tug or two wouldn’t hurt either.’”

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