Tuesday, July 26, 2005


adj. A little like a stooge, a goon, a toady, a lackey, or a lickspittle.

Real citation: "The animation was very clean, smooth and in proportion. The animators got Batgirl looking right and Barbara just as nice as opposed to the freakish deformities in Shadow of the Bat. There was very nice shading used as well, especially in the Stacked Deck Club. The addition of a henchman-ish thug, The Chemist, was interesting. He would be someone useful in the future to help out a major league villain."
("Batgirl Returns," http://wf.toonzone.net/WF/batman/episodes/BatgirlReturns/)

Made-up citation: “Henchman-ish Homemade Hemp would be a dank, swank name for some Ben & Jerry’s.”

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